Your Italian Doorway to a Whole New World

I always suffer greatly in summer. I know it is weird. I was born in Indonesia, a tropical country but I can’t stand the heat there. So, when I finally moved to a four-season country, Italy, it was kind of relief as extremely hot temperature lasts only two to three months max, peaking in July … Continue reading Your Italian Doorway to a Whole New World

Find the Hidden Beauty of Italy in Biella

On the last day of February 2015, I had another opportunity to visit a nice city named Biella in Piedmont, Italy as one of Young Ambassadors. It is a calm city located within an hour drive or train from Milan. This was  where I found the hidden beauty of Italy. Why is it a hidden beauty? … Continue reading Find the Hidden Beauty of Italy in Biella

2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)

You can see the beautiful cloud and sky from the image. This experience came from my latest trip at Biella, located in the region of Piedmont, in Italy. The top of this amazing view could be seen from at Mountain Camino that is about 2.3 kilometres high above the ground. Surely this was my first … Continue reading 2.3 KM above the ground (Biella Experience at Mountain Camino)

The Journey of Nature, History, and Beauty Are The 3-In-1 “Package” You Can Find in Biella

The City of Biella in Piedmont – Italy

Young Ambassadors

As the title goes, yes Biella has the 3-in-1 package for you. How to start first? Too many to write about, let’s start from the place that attracts me so much in Biella, The Sacred Mountain or the Sanctuary of Oropa.

Sanctuary of Oropa (Sacred Mountain)
The sacred mountain of Oropa is one of the many attractive sites in Biella. The sanctuary is located in the mountain, on 1.1 Km high at a small valley of the Alpi Biellesi. it’s composed of many Chapels around where the tourists and Christians believers can come and visit the holy destination. Along with the other sacred mountains in Italy, the sanctuary of Oropa remains as also the world heritage declared by UNESCO since 2003.

Furthermore, inside one of the beautiful churches, we can find the statue of Holy Mary with black colour (La Madonna Nera) where usually the Christians come to pray…

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I Pizzocheri dell’Academia

This is special type of pasta coming from Valtellina area in the Province of Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy. The location is in the mountain area (highlands). The temperature is fresh even during summer and that's why this type of pasta is the right menu to be eaten around there as it's quite creamy and heavy. The … Continue reading I Pizzocheri dell’Academia